The Magic time

In December, Barcelona is unusually beautiful.

In December, winter comes to Catalonia. Chilly north and north-west winds comes with fairytale atmosphere. So take with you warm Christmas sweaters and scarves =)

In December, the city is full of wonderful lights, and magic spills in the air. Christmas fairs are held and various concerts are held in the open air. So in December in Barcelona is extremely interesting.  Even on the most overcast rainy day in the city, it is cozy and warm with smiles, and millions of lit lamps on numerous streets.

A truly fantastic atmosphere reigns in the Christmas markets. The largest fairs are held in two places in the city. “La Fira de Santa Llúcia” settles in the square in front of the Cathedral, and “La Fira de Nadal” near the Sagrada de Familia. A small market opens on La Rambla. As a gift, you can purchase interesting handicrafts, beautiful souvenirs, jewelry or Christmas-tree decorations.

Incredibly attractive spectacle – the fascinating show “La Fuente Magica de Montjuic”, held this month every Friday and Saturday from 19.00 to 21.00 opposite the medieval palace. Here is also Poble Espanyol”, a huge territory, which contains restaurants, retail stores, concert venues and an open-air city-museum, where full-scale models of buildings from different parts of Spain are represented.

  • The sixth of December is a Constitution Day.
  • The eighth of December – the Immaculate Conception Day of the Holy Virgin Mary.
  • From the beginning of the month until December 23-24, Christmas fairs are held in the city, also you may visit the concerts of organ and symphonic music.
  • In the square of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in this month a very beautiful nativity scene is set up, gathering a huge number of spectators near it.
  • Many shops and stores give flyers with a 50% discount. Also this month is notable for the marathon in the “Buff Epic Run” masquerade costumes, which is an obstacle race in a park area near the Montjuic.
  • Christmas in Spain is a home holiday, so on December 24 and 25 some shopping centers, cafes and restaurants are closed.
  • In the city’s port, traditionally the “Nadal Cup” takes place – a 200-meter swim.
  • The 26th of December – Boxing Day or St. Stefan.
  • the 31st of December, the streets of Barcelona are full of tourists. At midnight, in the square “Catalunya” and Placa Espanya you can see fireworks.

Well and, of course, the best moment during holidays in Spain in December is a trip to museums when there are no crazy queues at the box office.

Apartment available only for short stays, located in the district of Ciutat Vella and specifically in the Gothic quarter.
Reference number: AP1420



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