A Question of Trust

😮 How will we treat Your data info? 😮

Every visit to any agency makes you care about your personal info. Every day we face the question of the trust: buying sim card, getting a new personal discount card in a store, register in a social media ….

When you come to a real estate agency and make a deal you will definitely share your personal info with the agency. We, Next Door BCN, assure you of the storage of your personal data from third parties. We will not collect, storage and use any personal info without the permission of the owner of this data.

What are we guided by?

Firstly, moral and ethical principles!

Secondly, we conform to the new European law.

We treat the personal info very carefully. Also because it is the status of the Real Estate. We want to be honest and we are thinking about company transparency, so any client can trust us.

We are very careful with the personal data we recollect. In any case of the client  when the personal data is necessary, the information is only provided to the owner of the property or to a bank / insurance company.  And in the case of the owner, we protect the real address and certain info.

For more information and consultation feel free to contact us. You may come to our office or contact us via e-mail or telephone.


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