Smart Cities

What is your choice for an ideal city to live?

According to the latest Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld report, Barcelona has become one of the progressive cities in the world, competing with London, Singapore and New York. According to the report, the future belongs to “Smart Cities”, which introduce new technologies to improve key aspects of society, such as transportation, waste management and resource consumption.

The study emphasizes that the capital of Catalonia has created 47,000 new jobs through the launch of IoT systems (“Internet of Things”). In addition, efficient use of water resources saved the city budget 42.5 million euros, and another 36.5 million brought “smart” car parks. The city has developed an efficient transport infrastructure and, due to its commitment to open management, has become a  good reference for other megacities of the world.

The purpose of creating Сities of the Future is to improve the quality of life of citizens. The concept of “Smart City” implies a transition to the digital technologies, improvement of the urban environment, sustainable development of the transport network and the economy, which primarily should be aimed at building partnerships with its neighbors.

From 13th to 15th of November at the Fira de Barcelona exhibition center:  the Eighth World Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) will be held. The topic of “Smart Cities” is also included in discussions.


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