World of Opera and Dance

Barcelona has a special role in the theatrical life of Spain.

The art stage has a long and respectable history here. In addition to local troupes, there is a huge tour program in the city, in some aspects, it is even better than in Madrid. Therefore, Barcelona is a very good place to go to the theater.

Here is the theater Liceu, the most famous opera house in Spain, one of the first theaters in Spain was opened here, this is Teatre Principal Barcelona, ​​which still works today.

The most interesting place for tourists is the Palace of Catalan music. The building is unique and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition to classical theaters, in Barcelona, there is also a modern theater, which is also very famous, one of the best in the country in this field. This is Teatre Lliure, that is, the Free Theater, an independent theater specializing in modern drama and innovative productions.

Our choice:

Palace of Catalan music

A masterpiece of world modernism – a palace with a huge concert hall and the only theater in Europe with natural light.

You can come here not only to a concert and festival of classic, symphonic and popular music but also for a day visit with a guide. This is a building of the beginning of the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style.

This is the most visited concert hall by tourists – the building from the inside is even more interesting than the outside. As for the performances, they are at the top of world level. Concerts of classical music, jazz or Spanish traditional music take place here. The best guitarists in the world come here: an invitation to this guitar hall is a special honor.


The cultural symbol of the city and one of the main opera houses in Europe with incredibly luxurious interiors and amazing acoustics.

It looks not too remarkable, but inside it is like a pure gold. Its amazing acoustics is known all over the world, its luxurious interiors attract thousands of tourists.

The repertoire here is mostly classical. All performances are very well decorated – the theater is equipped with all the latest technical innovations. In addition to its own troupe, there is a mass of guest performers from among the best performers in the world.

Cultural center MUTUO

A cultural center with art gallery, vintage shop and cafe. It hosts exhibitions, live music concerts and theatrical performances.
This multifunctional creative space is at the same time a cultural center, an art gallery, a vintage shop and a cafe. Exhibitions and various master classes are held here, live music concerts and theatrical performances are arranged. In the evenings, there are always a lot of people, urban fashionistas and various creative people gather here.

In general, in Barcelona, you can find a performance for almost every taste. The price level is average, the program is large and interesting. Look for your lovely opera or ballet and we will care about your accommodation during your visit in Barcelona.

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Exclusive apartment is located in the Raval neighborhood, where are the famous Boquería market, Liceu Opera and the most important museums and monuments of the city. Reference number: AP1381

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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