You have a little budget, but you want to furnish your apartment stylish?

There is a magic word that will solve all your difficulties…


A model of simplicity and elegance



Many people have a desire to purchase designer furniture, but there is no possibility. And then IKEA appears with fashionable and stylish furniture at a price lower than expensive brands. The company does not hide that it produces furniture from recycled, renewable materials: wood, cotton, metal, plastic, glass. So IKEA reduces costs, saves resources – the price of goods is lower.

You can order delivery, but the assembly is not included in the price. When assembling you are involved in the process of creating furniture and take part of the work for yourself. Due to this, IKEA reduces assembly costs and keep prices lower than competitors.

Customers are attracted by low prices, wide selection, originality of goods. The ability to create original design compositions that will not meet in any other house. The presence of all necessary goods for the home in one place: from the children’s toys to the kitchen set.

IKEA offers loyalty cards, club membership and other privileges to regular customers, which provides significant benefits when purchasing goods.

Anyone likes someone’s brand, someone doesn’t – this is a matter of taste. Stylish design is not only a set of furniture, it is a skillful combination of any piece of furniture.

The advantage of the company is the availability of design for all, the disadvantage for many is the lack of individuality. We see a compromise in the balance:

Combine different things. You can hire a designer who will tell you what to submit, where to save and where not. The brand cannot solve all the problems, if you need more “than just convenient and nice,” contact the designer, and if “nice” is suitable, IKEA will make life as easy as possible!

Avinguda de la Granvia, 115-134
08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona


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