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La Liga

Primera División of Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP or La Liga) — professional football high-level tournament in Spain. La Liga is one of the strongest leagues in the world.


For the first time, the idea of a national football league in Spain was proposed in April 1927 by José Maria Acha, director of the Arenas club from Getxo. After lengthy discussions about league size and eligibility criteria for clubs, the Royal Spanish Football Federation ultimately identified the top ten participants in the 1928 Primera División. «Barcelona», «Real Madrid», «Athletic Club de Bilbao», «Real Sociedad», « Arenas de Getxo» and «Real Unión» were among the participants on the rights of previous winners of the Royal Cup. «Club Atlético de Madrid» and «RCD Espanyol» got the right to participate as previous cup finalists, «Racing Santander RC» won a place in the league by winning the transition tournament.

Current championship. Superiority of Barcelona 

Barcelona seems to be the best in La Liga again. Pay attention to the one intresting detail. In the three previous seasons in La Liga, Messi had an average of 56, 48 or 52 passes per game. Now there are 74 passes, and the accuracy has not fallen, although it has become a lot more long passes. Number longbollov increased more than twice.

Small Catalan teams in the past round were also prone to providing powerful resistance.


Many formerfootball players begin their coaching career, others become functionaries in clubs and federations, others become agents. And some immediately go to the presidency. A dream come true for the Brazilian retired professional footballer who played as a striker, Ronaldo. The legendary Brazilian player bought the Spanish «Valladolid» and became its president. The choice is obvious, since most of the time Ronaldo spends in Spain, having a house in Madrid. Negotiations on this deal began last football season. It is known that in the end the price was 30 million euros. For this money, Ronaldo received the controlling stake – 51 percent. Former club owner Carlos Suárez remained in the administration as the operating director.

La Liga announced a surprising news of a deal with the international media company Relevent Sports. The agreement is for 15 years. This is cooperation in the media space, and the main part of the contract assumes that a certain number of matches will take place at the stadiums of North America. The first game should be the meeting of the 21st round of the championship 2018/19 “Girona” – “Barcelona”, which should be held in Miami, USA on January 27.

Plays in Barcelona

Competition calendar


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