Catalonia. Independence Day

The first of October. One year from the date of the referendum in Catalonia.

Residents of the Spanish Autonomous Region of Catalonia celebrate the first anniversary of the referendum, 90% of participants voted for the independence of the region from Madrid. The Government of Spain and the Constitutional Court declared the voting illegal.

During the year, the generality and parliament changed in Catalonia, and a new government came to power in Madrid.

In connection with the anniversary of the referendum, supporters of independence announced the holding of numerous actions. On Saturday, rallies were held, on Sunday, people gathered at the polling stations where they voted a year ago, on Monday, the head of the generality, Kim Torr, made an appeal to the citizens, and in the evening the march was held with the slogan “We will restore October 1” from Placa Catalunya to the building of the regional parliament, participants were carried ballot boxes. The protesters carried a banner “Self-determination is a human right” written in English and Catalan. Among other slogans were “Neither oblivion nor forgiveness”, “Streets will always be ours” and “Independence”.

As in Barcelona, ​​protests and demonstrations was taking place in the provinces of Catalonia. But the most enthusiastic inhabitants of Catalonia gathered from little Catalan towns to Barcelona for the days of manifestos.

Traditional Catalan symbols – giant figures – rise above the crowd, as well as the living pyramids that participants build themselves, climbing each other on their shoulders. All along the avenue, yellow ribbons are hung – a symbol of the struggle for the liberation of the Catalan politicians.

In fact, the Catalans are peaceful people and all the demonstrations are held with
families and friends, music, colorful flags and posters of independence. All meetings and demonstrations are scheduled and organized.

If you are an ordinary tourist, unwilling to participate in local political events, then going to another street from the gathering of people – you will not even notice what is happening and you will not hear any noise. The Catalans, as always, are friendly and peaceful people who do not want aggression either inside the country or the region, nor to the tourists and guests of the capital of Catalonia.



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