The most expensive countries to buy an apartment in the city center

The research in website shows that the average price for a two-bed apartment in the  city center in the UK is € 256,240, in Europe € 147,880, in the US € 125,300.

The most expensive country for buying an apartment in the city center is Hong Kong, where two-rooms apartment will cost € 1,444,860. Then come Singapore (€ 881,590) and Switzerland (€ 612,940), reports Estate Agent News.

After Hong Kong, London (€ 889,490) and Singapore, the most expensive cities in the world for buying double apartments are Beijing (€ 763,070), Zurich (€ 756,300) and Shanghai (€ 752,910).

The cheapest country in 91 states, which data is available, is Egypt. Here, a two-room apartment in the city center costs on average € 30,480. The cheapest city is in Ukraine, where apartments will cost € 22,580.

Spain takes 29th place in the list ” The cost of a city center two-bed flat around the world”

Average price per square meter for city center flat                   Price for two-bed flat

Spain                                                € 2,880                                           € 169,910


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