How do you usually get first information about the property that you would like to have?

Our clients may call us, visit us, visit our Web-site to find their preferences.


We, Next Door BCN, use VIDEOS to present our apartments to clients. WHY?🧐

Nowadays one of the leader in the advertising world is Video, Visual influence 👁👁

  • we show best photos or videos of the apartment
  • we mention the main information of the property
  • we present an apartment in a very short time, less then one minute
  • a client can check the video from a computer or a smartphone in any time and occasion via our official Web-site, Instagram or YouTube


In the video we, Next Door BCN, tell all necessary information for the first acquaintance with the property:

  • the district of the property
  • surroundings of the property
  • the reference number
  • the number of rooms/bedrooms/terrace and bathrooms
  • the living area square footage
  • facilities

🤗 Follow us to see daily updates, new videos of properties, promotions and future contests.

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