Why photo and video are important for selling your apartment?

First impressions are very important and need to be done right. It may feel like hiring a professional is a waste of money and simply use your smartphone camera. But a professional photographer has all the tools to capture the right lighting and make everything look brighter. Moreover, with a wide-angle lens, the entire room will fit in the photo.

Taquigraf Garriga-79.jpg

The video of the apartment will help you to show your property in the most informative way.

Just put the best photos or video of the apartment and add the main information about your property!

That’s it! This will help the buyer get to know your property quickly.

We, Next Door BCN, care about the quality of photos and videos, because it will show the apartment on the good side and sell it faster. So, our team can do the photos and videos for your property in the most convenient and professional way.

For more information and counseling, do not hesitate to contact us.  info@nextdoorbcn.com +34 93 2206 262


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