Be watchful!

Barcelona is actively fighting illegal leasing.

Barcelona attracts tourists and investors who want to buy a second home to live in it annually for a certain period. And it is important to make the process legally. In such a big city, as a capital of Catalunya, you may face many scams and agencies engaging in subletting.

What measures are being taken to combat fraud?

A special inspection from the mayor’s office is checking whether housing is not rented for short periods. Also, inspectors track the activities of companies engaged in sublease. According to the Catalan municipality, the authorities have discovered and closed more than 2,000 illegal tourist beds, apartments, which were illegally handed over to foreigners for the short period. And unfortunately it is not the final number, in the near future it is planned to close more apartments. The are still many more advertised on the internet.


Illegal housing does not give any guarantees to the tenant.

The authorities of the Catalan capital are tracking illegal agents on large booking platforms. Be aware and careful to choose an apartment and real estate agency.

Make sure that the owner has all legal documents for renting process and legal services, especially for short stay.

For checking the legality of an apartment you may use this website.

Our apartment for SHORT STAY with TOURIST LICENSE

For Sale:








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