Do not take me from the party!

We explored Gaudi, we walked around the city, we went shopping, we swam in the sea, We want to Party now!

Here you may choose the best club for your perfect night.

The beach line of clubs & bars in Port Olimpic.

Opium Mar

Opium Mar with the largest beach terrace among the clubs in Barcelona. Thanks to this terrace Opium Mar successfully combines a popular day restaurant and a stylish nightclub.

In the afternoon Opium Mar is an opportunity to have a snack in a restaurant on the beach, and at night it turns into one of the stylish disco.


Shoko is an excellent choice for any occasion of life. In the afternoon you can dine on the terrace overlooking the beach. The menu is a combination of oriental and Mediterranean cuisine.

Every evening, special parties are held in the nightclub of Shoko Barcelona. In addition to home DJs, there are many invited figures in the music industry. Music is a light cocktail of modern hits and R & B rhythms.


The legendary club Pacha Barcelona, immersing its guests in the atmosphere of the magic Ibiza. Every Saturday in Pacha, a Feel Ibiza party is held, featuring renowned DJs from Ibiza. The regulars of Pacha Barcelona are mischievous first-year students.


The bar is made of real ice and offers you to cool down after hot bars in the neighborhood. The average visit lasts 45 minutes and includes a jacket, gloves and a cocktail, which comes served in a glass.


Carpe Diem Lounge Club has two dance halls. The proximity to the beach and Vila Olympica makes the place very popular.

City Clubs

Mojito Club

Perhaps, is the most famous Latin American club in Barcelona. In addition to hot Latin music, there are professional dancers, who daily arrange in the club fascinating performances. And then there are the animator dancers, which teach novice amateurs how to properly move the hips to the beat of the rhythm. Cozy and stylish interior, large enough dance floor. The very friendly atmosphere and, of course, a magnificent mojito.


The gigantic nightclub with five halls of completely different music – indie rock, electro, a new rave, music of the 60’s or even lives music concert.

Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand or The Gossip performed in Razzmatazz Barcelona yet completely unknown.

Bling Bling

One of the main attractions of Bling Bling is its decoration, made by interior specialist Estrella Salietti (Estrella Salietti) in conjunction with the studio Futur2. Designers managed to create an atmosphere of the hall of a classical hotel, which, thanks to the restrained lighting, looks strict, elegant and home-like at the same time.


The glamorous nightclub of Barcelona for lovers of the exclusive atmosphere.

At the entrance you will see one of the biggest queues among city clubs. Here you can find not only local stars, such as Rafa Nadal but also world celebrities. In the club were seen Nicolas Cage, Ronaldo and others. Last parties were hosted with Bruno Mars and dancers of the Beyonce performance group.


One of the first places among the nightclubs in Barcelona is the 26th floor of the W hotel.

Here is one of the best views to the city and sea, fashion modern and elegant style, the best-branded cocktails also or non-alcoholic drinks . The concept of the Eclipse bar was designed by Isabel Lopez Vialta to attract the most fashionable guests and residents of Barcelona.

Summertime with open-air fun

Wet Deck

The brightest, stylish and enchanting summer open-air parties in Barcelona are opened only summer season in W Hotel. Every Sunday from 20:00 to 00:00 on the terrace of the hotel sailboat W are fashionable hangouts with famous DJs and live singers.

La Terrazza Club

La Terrazza – one of the best dance areas in the open air. Here you can dance all night long, meet the beautiful morning sunrises in the chill-out zone and admire the city from a height. The club is a lovely place of young Spanish people and guests.


CDM Beach club elevates the fun each season with Barcelona one and only open-air pool party. There are pool deck, including luxury cabanas and private sofas, sun-soaked daybeds, three full-service bars, towering palm trees, a full-service restaurant, complimentary towel service and more.

he pool opens at 1 PM and can be used until 19:00, then from that time on until closing it is on party mode. Things get going around 17:00, before that time it’s more relaxed with deep house music and sunbathing while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Basically, for the entrance to any club, you should pay around 15-25 euros. However, daily promoters of club establishments submit lists of invitations (Guest List) on an input without payment for the visitors’ inset of bars. Paid entry is made more for the travelers, the local people are always using guest lists, which you can find in the official websites of mostly all clubs.



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