Gaudi – The trademark of Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city of incomparable architectural delights, one of the capitals of modernity. The creations of Antonio Gaudi occupy a central place in the urban space. Millions of tourists go to Barcelona to see the masterpieces of the architecture.

Thanks to architectural madness, a mixture of styles, sparkling creative imagination, Gaudi entered the history of art as an indisputable genius who lived in a completely different world that he created himself. For the first time, Gaudi met Barcelona in the mid-19th century, worked as a draftsman, studied crafts, and performed small works.

Not many tourists know about Casa Vicens – one of the earliest works of Gaudi. This family residence was designed and built under the order of the industrialist Manuel Vicens in 1878 – 1889. The style of the building mixes the Spanish and Arabic culture.



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Casa Calvet is one of the earliest creations of Gaudi was built for the textile manufacturer Pere Màrtir Calvet. In 1900, the city council of Barcelona awarded him the prize for the best building of the year.


Decisive in the work of Antonio Gaudi was a meeting with Eusebi Guel – a textile tycoon, who became the patron and the main fan of the talent of a budding architect. Having finally got freedom of expression, Gaudi finally renounced the rules and restrictions set in architecture, creating his own, easily recognizable style.

He built houses for the richest people in the capital of Catalonia, one more unusual and more interesting than another.

Casa Batllo is one of the most unusual houses in Barcelona. The house looks like it’s built of skulls and bones. The facade of the building has a delicate coral color.



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Another attraction of Barcelona is Casa Mila. This is another masterpiece of Gaudi’s genius. The house without a single straight line attracts thousands of tourists. There is also an apartment-museum of Antonio Gaudi. In addition, you can visit here and a theme cafe. the Mila House, located at the intersection of Passeig de Gràcia Boulevard with Carrer de Provença Street, was built by Gaudi specifically for the Mila family and became the first of the 20th century buildings listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

775585b6-e0e0-4c99-86d6-c6ba6b695d00.jpgSagrada Familia is the “trademark” of Barcelona, a recognized symbol of the city. Its majestic towers produce a truly unforgettable impression, the building itself is full of secrets and messages of Gaudi. The whole architectural ensemble of the church is a mixture of directions and styles, which gives originality to the building. The Christmas facade was almost completely built during the life of Gaudi and consists of three portals, symbolizing Orthodox shrines – Faith, Hope and Love. They are all decorated with sculptures depicting scenes from the Bible. Each of the towers of an unusual shape corresponds to a certain Apostle. Liturgy texts and quotes from the Bible are widely used in the external decoration of the church.

Antonio Gaudi is buried in the crypt of the unfinished Cathedral of the Holy Family, the entrance is free of charge.




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