San Juan in Barcelona 2018

Barcelona is the city of festivals, only the youth began to recover after three days of the Sonar festival, it is time to prepare for a new celebration, the Day of St. Joan. This is a festive day, which is famous for its emotional atmosphere and very noisy parties.

The celebration of the festival San Juan in Barcelona, Spain

June 23 – June 24, 2018

The origin of this holiday comes from paganism, the main ritual is to kindle huge bonfires to give more strength to the sun, which from that day begins to weaken, and the days become shorter. The bonfires also help to ward off witches and other evil forces, which, according to legend, gather all together on the shortest night of the year.

Saint Juan is represented by three symbols – water, fire and grass. Fire symbolizes purity, that is why bonfires are lit. Water symbolizes healing. Therefore, in some areas people bathe in the sea at night. Herbs symbolize medicines, and herbs are usually harvested on the night of San Juan.

Catalans often called the holiday of San Juan – “Nit del Foc” (“Night of Fire”), because the main aspect of celebrations is fireworks. Many families and friends organize their celebrations, which are called “Revetlles”. Barcelona is a city of balconies and terraces, so those who have the largest balcony or the best views of the city, invite friends and relatives to see fireworks, eat and dance.


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If your friends do not arrange a party, then the most popular place is the beach. The Barceloneta beach begins to fill from the early evening on June 23, people come to a picnic, drink cava, watch fireworks and listen to music.

The only official delicacy of the San Juan is “Coque”/”La Coca de Sant Joan”. These is bread of different types, sweet or salty. In some added crumb of crackers, fruits, nuts or cream. The only common ingredient for them is anise, which gives all Coque pies a characteristic anise flavor.



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