Chinese interior design ideas

What do you associate with a Chinese home design?

Most probably is an image of calm and harmonious outlook with colorful details.

Using them in the right way and in right places is should be thought carefully to avoid an opposite effect.

Nevertheless, our recommendation is to follow your own vision and don’t be afraid to combine different elements. Surprisingly, some Chinese home design can easily be mixed with other styles and give a personal touch to your home.

Let’s see two of the main features.


The richness of colors is one of the main features of the Chinese design, and they are used especially in combination with wood.

Usually, red is prevailing, but also gold and black are quite dominant.



Simplicity in the combination of natural elements has always been appreciated in Chinese traditional design.

In fact, in the traditional culture, the presence of nature in everyday life has good effects on people’s mind and attitude.

In today’s busy life, often we feel that link with nature is missing.

Feng shui is the art of organizing spaces to increase positive energy or Chi in our environment. Originated in China, it literally means wind and water in Chinese and has had deep spiritual contents in classic philosophy and doctrines.


Elements of animate and inanimate nature, like stones, wood and plants can have a beneficial influence in our home. Bamboo and bonsai trees suite the best in the concept of creating a spectacular effect.

What is your favorite Chinese-style decorating element?

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