Interior design and culture

The interior design inspired on different parts of the world is gaining more popularity in interior design.

Decorating with culture in mind is a way to express beliefs and lifestyle factors that make you who you are. The statement that culture makes in your home has the ability to create a sort of ‘domino effect’ that can be positive not only for yourself but also for all your family members and friends who visit your home.

It is important that space where you live has a reflection of your personality and taste. It should somehow reflect who you are and where you came from.

One of the best ways to do this is to use culture as an inspiration for your interior design. As culture is an integral part of your background, it can be really useful to help you feel good in your home when it’s incorporated into the interior design.

Bringing culture into your home’s interior is a personal step that should reflect your deepest cultural roots.

But let’s analyze few popular interior design tendencies from close.

What they express? And where they come from?

Nordic parquet

Northern countries, such as Canada, Germany and Scandinavian countries are associated with efficiency and orderliness, but also with cold weather.

pexels-photo-259962These features are best expressed with a typical parquet floor and a minimalistic design. The parquet helps to keep the home warm, preferred colors are light brown, beige or fair gray. Walls are mostly painted in white and furniture is quite essential which tend to express functionality and a certain mental rigor.

Persian living room

Middle Eastern countries are best known for their community-style living and their huge families. Ancient Persian culture provided a basis which spread across the region and mixed with others through the centuries.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-21 at 16.40.09A very big L-shaped couch and a typical Persian-style carpet surmounted by a chandelier are very iconic as they perfectly represent a welcoming and relationship-oriented culture, where convivial and social meetings are pivotal in order to maintain a good living standard.

 Asian quietness


And how about Asia, especially the Far East?

Harmony, peace, and tranquillity are rooted in some of the oldest philosophies, such as Buddhism and Zen.

A minimalistic design, almost bare, with light colors and tones of brown that helps relaxing or even meditating.

The Asian interior has been very popular in Western countries as well because it is based on the fundamentals of Feng Shui. Designing one of your room with this theme is a way to inspire tranquility as it creates a harmony between the elements integrated into every space.

Mediterranean patio

yard-2763265_1280Mediterranean people in Southern Europe, North Africa, and Near East are used to spend most of their time outside, especially because of the warm and humid weather.

Furthermore, their culture is mostly relationship and community based, which makes them favor sitting in colorful patios, backyards or gardens, decorated with trees and flowers in a friendly and energetic outside environment, with powerful colors such as bright pink, blue and wooden elements.

How do you reflect your culture into your home?

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