Five interior design ideas from around the world

If you are thinking about decorating your home or just giving it a new outlook, you can get inspiration from other cultures and how they use few distinctive elements in their home interior design.

Here is our top-5 inspiration source, which is, of course, just a start…there is much more to discover.


The classic Japanese home design is minimalist and essential, concepts which are believed to have a deep connection to ancient Zen philosophy.

Houseplants, large windows and a low table surrounded by pillows can inspire a feeling of tranquillity and connection to nature.



Indian interior design often displays a mixture of warm-colored fabrics to create a sense of welcome in the home.

Together with intricate patterns, a mix of warm colors, such as deep red, purple and mustard yellow, reminds of the colorful spices that are used to prepare food.

Moreover, the home design is never complete without an incense burner and the use of a selection of Hindu idols or elephant statues.



The typical design of an Italian home includes most probably a fireplace and a comfortable colorful couch in front of it.

This cozy setting easily allows people to feel at ease while talking after a long lunch.

Italian style is famous for its elegance and the high-quality furnishings, such as wood or paintings that remind of Renaissance design and architecture.


South Africa

Wooden tribal masks, animalistic designs, and colorful fabrics are common elements of South African interior design.

Minimalistic details, such as print rugs help to display not only the unique side of the nation’s indigenous culture but also emphasize the rich splendor of the African continent.



With just a few objects placed in a room, such as Chinese calligraphy and a landscape or cherry-blossom painting, the indoor space strikes a fine balance by integrating nature into traditional designs.

One of the fundamental rules in Chinese interior design is simplicity, which helps to create a feeling of harmony and inner balance.


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