Should I be afraid to go to Catalonia after the shout of independence?

Due to the events that began last fall, tourist trips to this sunny country raise many questions. We will tell you that you should not worry about the upcoming tourist season and give up the idea of seeing one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

What happened?

October 1, 2017 held a referendum on the separation of Catalonia from Spain. Part of Catalans voted for secession. Street unrest passed, but even now, can be unexpected protests or crowds of people. But everything remains the same. According to the constitution, Spain is an indivisible unit and it will take several more years for the Spanish government to release the gold-filled art and history of the country’s tourist coast.

How did this affect the life in the city?

The day of the strike, there was almost no public transportation in the city, even with taxi service. That is all. Spanish people are a very peaceful and all street protests have been performed with songs or pre-designed performances, there is no disruption or ideas for the destruction something. Catalans want peace and solve all issues without violence. In Barcelona, everything is quiet, the entire infrastructure is created for tourism so that people can come here without fear. Now in Catalonia, everything is exactly the same as before the referendum. And even if you were in Barcelona on October 1, just walked and enjoyed Gaudi as a usual day.

At that moment the situation in Catalonia has no influence on the price policy in the tourism business. Catalonia is one of the most popular areas in Europe, the entire tourist business is interested that it remains so. Booking for the upcoming season is already in full swing and so you need to hurry up to plan your summer holidays, as the prices did not jump from the influx of tourists and the choice for the place of residence is more extensive.

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