Tips to design your space when working from home

Given that freelance jobs and flexible hours are on the rise, more and more people feel the necessity of working from home. But there is a very important recommendation to keep in mind in this circumstance: don’t build a home office, especially in smallest and darkest room of the house.

According to The National, a traditional home office may have worked in the past but in today’s society this model is becoming quickly obsolete.

Hotels offer a new source of inspiration when it comes to design and furnish your work-from-home space.

First of all, an hotel’s lobby represents frequently a new hub for business travelers. It is becoming quite popular to see someone leaning back on a sofa with a laptop on the legs, a smartphone and a coffee on a side table. According to various researchers, many executives say they do their best and most creative work when they’re on the road.

At home, this can easily convert in a lobby-style working living room.

Second is the bedroom. Research shows that when business travelers are working in their room, they’re either in a comfy armchair or spread out on the bed. At home, just a few hacks can give your bedroom that same hotel feel: extra pillows, a nice lamp and a comfortable chair in the corner are enough.

The third is the cafe. Think about long, shared ­tables with dining-style chairs, typical in many co-working places around the world. This type of environment is perfect for deep, focused work such as writing, designing or ­crunching numbers. At home your dining room, kitchen table or breakfast bar can all perform this task with few minimal upgrades: for example by buying a decent chair or stool and make sure the lighting works – shade glare from south-facing windows and ensure enough man-made light for late night work sessions.

All these adjustments are complemented if you treat yourself to a few more amenities to uplift your home and create an inspiring hotel or co-working vibe. A nice coffee machine with designer mugs and teapot, a Wi-Fi speaker to play cool background music and some nice plants would do the rest.

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