Interior design trends for 2018

Whether you are giving life to your new home or you are simply looking for a makeover, designing and decorating your home can be a daunting task. Multiple options available on the market can make the process somehow confusing and paralyzing.

Our suggestion is to keep these trends in mind for your furniture shopping in 2018.

1. More color in kitchens



A warmer touch and a more personal space can be obtained by increasing the amount of color in your kitchen.

The color palette for a colorful but minimalistic kitchen is typically white, grey, wood and black, but never forget to personalize it with houseplants, copper pipes or rustic bench tops.




2. Richer colors in the whole home

Pay apexels-photo-271795ttention to colors throughout the home design makes your furniture and decorative items really burst.

New tendencies exposed in Milan this year for the Salone Del Mobile show that a lot of warm, almost retro colors will be more popular, such as terracotta, light greens, deep pinks and burgundy with splashes of bright blue and orange.


3. Pink and peach

pexels-photo-327507The last few years saw the rise of the so-called ¨millenial pink¨

Although this will remain a popular choice, peach will begin its climb as a major player in the interior design trends of 2018. This color is easy to pair with anything and is a pretty addition to the natural, simple, and cozy design new trends.

In fact, natural, earthy and wood furniture and decor makes everything shine brighter feel more natural and cozy.


4. Copper, brass and minimalistic design


Add some artistic flair and shine to your room with brass lamps, bowls and even side tables.

This added flair is perfect with all the other elements in a minimalistic design room.

Vintage lighting, like aged copper or brass pendant lights, are making a comeback.

Bedrooms especially can be more relaxing and restful spaces with a combination of light colors and copper or brass vintage-looking furniture.


5. Wallpaper and wooden walls

vinyl-record-player-retro-594388Wooden walls with designs etched into them have been popular in bathrooms and kitchens but will be seen in bedrooms more frequently.

Intricate designs can add a more personal compositional element to a wall with a touch of vintage.




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