District 22@ is Barcelona business and innovation hub

The District 22@ in Barcelona has transformed the neighborhood in which it was settled in the year 2000 into a business center with more than 8,800 companies. 30% of them are dedicated to technology and employ about 93,000 people.

The companies have gone from 3,437 in the year 2000 to 8,823 registered in the last census of 2015.
A recent study includes the most significant figures and statistics in the history of 22@, from an economic, urban and social point of view, and offers the image of a project that  has been a source of inspiration in other cities around the world.

The economic transformation of the neighborhood is evident in the growth of the number of companies, which went from 3,437 in 2000 to 8,823 registered in the last census of 2015.

Of these 4,500 companies installed in this time interval, 47.3% are newly created and the rest are companies that have moved from other neighborhoods, while 30% belong to intensive activities in knowledge and technology.

Regarding the workers, in 2015 there were a total of 2,914 independent professionals in the district and the overall calculation of employees in the district reaches 93,000, of which 32.3% have a university degree.

Another interesting fact is that the export companies located in the district have an average of 38% of their volume of sales abroad.

The report reveals that, as of 2014, the transformation of 50.60% of the land of the District 22@ was pending. Urban and economic transformation has led to a social change in the district of Sant Martí, in which the population has increased by 3.69% in the 2007-2014 period, above the Barcelona average.

The disposable income of families in this district is also above the average of Barcelona and the foreign population coming from the EU has more representation than in the whole of the city.

Barcelona City Council makes a positive assessment of the District 22@, a project that has been born and grown linked to innovation, with a public-private model of collaboration between administration, companies, universities and research centers.

The recent studies stressed that the Districts 22@, which emerged to transform the industrial area of Poblenou, has returned to receive a new boost after the break suffered in recent years.


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