Who and why is purchasing luxury properties in Barcelona?

According to Living, a Real Estate Consulting in Barcelona, the 65% of the buyers of luxury properties are Spanish nationals.

Another 35% is composed by a 12% of British nationals, 8% French, 5% Russian, 4% Chinese and a mix of other nationalities form the leaving 4%, including single buyers and investments funds.

The Commercial Director of Living says that “international buyers have more and more interest in purchasing luxury properties in Barcelona. For this reason, in central districts like Eixample, the demand has already surpasseed the supply”

What are the main motivations for purchasing a luxury property in Barcelona?

Investment is the first reason, the second is having a second home and just a small percentage wants the have the luxury property for living.

“This sector doesn’t know crisis” continues the Commercial Director of Living.

Here at Next Door, we surely believe that one of the main factors for investing in a luxury property in Barcelona is having a second home in such a wonderful city with a high quality of life.

And what do you think?



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