If a company would pay you to relocate anywhere, where would you go?

A workflow automation tool company based in the USA, has announced in a recent press release that they are now offering a so-called “delocation” package to incoming employees living in the San Francisco area.

This is a great innovation as many other companies already offered a relocation package to move new employees to the city that meets the company’s business needs, but this one is letting the employee choose the city that best meets their own needs.

Zapier, this is the company’s name, started as a side project where the co-founders worked remotely as we had to capitalize on free time whenever we had it,” said Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO. “We simply started hiring the best people in our networks –but they were outside of Silicon Valley because we’re originally from the Midwest: in this way the remote aspect continued.”

“Five years later, Zapier has 80+ employees, all remote, across 13 countries and 22 states,” said Foster. “We have always been a 100% remote company and have no intention to establish a centralized headquarters. We found a business model that works for us and incentivizes the best talent to live and work anywhere in the world.”

“Many of us feel we have to make a career sacrifice,” continued Foster. “You have to go from the land of opportunity for your tech career to a city with a more limited set of options for your own personal growth.”

Currently, their “delocation” package only applies to applicants in the San Francisco area that are looking to move elsewhere. The benefit includes up to $10,000 reimbursed for moving expenses incurred during the first three months of work. Employees using the package must remain with the company for at least a year.

At next Door BCN, we believe that Barcelona is a perfect place for a delocation!


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