Barcelona is the third European city preferred to found start-ups


Barcelona is the third European city preferred to found start-ups

 According to a study released by British investment firm Atomico, Barcelona is the third European city preferred by entrepreneurs to found a start-up, after only London and Berlin.

 In 2017, Barcelona moved up in the ranking surpassing Amsterdam, which fell to the fifth position, also behind Paris. To complete the top ten positions, there are Dublin, Stockholm, Lisbon, Munich and Milan.

Atomico is an international investment firm, based in London and focused on disruptive technology companies. Its latest market report on the technology sector includes this ranking emerging from Startup Heatmap Europe, built on the question “Where would you start from scratch?”. More than 300 entrepreneurs consulted mentioned 78 European cities, but the first five options obtained more than half of the votes; London and Berlin are chosen respectively by the 55% and 42% of the interviewed, and 21% who choose Barcelona.

The report highlights the internationality of Barcelona since 90% of the votes received come from outside Spain, while in Paris 40% of the votes come from France. The report says that 35% of entrepreneurs believe that London is less interesting for start-ups after Brexit, but makes no mention of the current political situation in Catalunya.

 The easy access to talent is key “The study confirms the hypermobility of start-up founders in Europe in search of the best conditions for their companies “, explains Atomico, “the access to talent is the key factor that determines the choice of location, significantly ahead to the access to capital.” The reason is that “it is probably easier to persuade capital to cross borders than to persuade people to cross borders for employment.”

 Translated by Next Door BCN from La Vanguardia: Barcelona es la tercera ciudad europea preferida para crear start-ups


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